E91 Students Fall Retreat


God pursued a man named Jonah to preach to the city of Nineveh.

As we look at his story, we can see that God had a plan for him, and was willing to pursue him, no matter where he went or what he found himself.

On this Fall retreat, we’ll study the story of Jonah and discover how God is pursuing every one of us.

Join us November 3-5 for this year's E91Students Fall Retreat.

We'll be staying at Camp Allendale, and spend time building relationships, having fun, worshiping, and learning in small groups what the story of Jonah means for us today.

Student price is $159.00 if registered BEFORE October 16th.

Registration after October 16th is $179.00

Leader registration $10.00

  • $179Student
  • $10Leader
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Event Details

  • Nov 3
    5:00 pm
    Nov 5
    11:30 am